Monthly Archives: August 2013

12 Aug 2013

Save Time, Get Great People by using a deselection process and a group interview

I remembered reading an article many years ago, about a company whose interview process started with the first contact and then every step until the final interview contributed towards the final decision. What impressed me the most at the time, was the fact that interactions outside of the actual interview session had a significant impact in choosing the right candidate. For example, how the applicant...

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08 Aug 2013

Bob’s 2 word therapy… instant results guaranteed!

Whenever you or someone feels stuck and dealing with self-sabotaging behaviors, simply watch Bob the world’s most efficient therapist. He has a clear pricing structure, sessions are kept short and it’s simple to remember. Forget about a Freudian approach and just enjoy a dose of Newhartian therapy…Did this video help you get passed what is preventing you from achieving your goals? Do you need to watch it again?

04 Aug 2013

Looking at other Note Apps, now that Catch is no more!

This week I was very surprise to see the message below, when I tried to access my Catch account… Catch has made the difficult decision to take the company in a different direction. As such, we will be terminating service next month. We value our users and have greatly enjoyed providing Catch to millions of people over the last several years, but it is time for us...

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