October 2017

Scrumban – Blending Agile, Scrum and Kanban into a methodology that works for you

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This blog was first published on Kanban Zone, but it also applies very well to Agile coaching under Torak. Since the original publication of the Agile manifesto in 2001, the most commonly used Agile methodology has been Scrum. In more recent years, Kanban which originated from Taiichi Ohno’s publications back in 1988, has also [...]

July 2016

Lean Thinking – Not Just for Manufacturing

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What is Lean Thinking? Lean thinking is based on the idea of creating more value to customers with fewer resources. It’s a way of organizing human activities so that more benefits are delivered while waste is eliminated. The ultimate goal of Lean thinking is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value [...]

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June 2012

Genghis Khan, discovering an early Agile leader

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The most successful conquerors in history do not begin their lives lusting for total domination. Genghis Khan's first military campaigns grew out of the need to rescue his kidnapped Mother and then to unite a scattered people in a common cause. The Agile framework was born out of the necessity for a better, more unified [...]

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February 2012

First PMI-ACP class – Positive Feedback!

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Well the first PMI-ACP class was offered last week and based on the feedback forms and the personal comments about the course from the attendees, it's safe to say that we are on to something very positive! The intent of this class is not only to pass the PMI-ACP exam the first time but to [...]

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