Agile Testing

Agile Testing 2017-05-15T01:54:50+00:00

Once your organization has successfully implemented Agile methodologies, there are two major areas that will require improvements: Continuous Integration and Automated Testing. The presentation below, illustrates why it’s important to invest in an Agile Testing Framework (ATF), in order  to reduce technical debt, increase quality and accelerate time to market.

Our Agile testing services always focus on providing Agile coaching during the engagement. This is crucial because our goal is to help you become self-sufficient with your implementation of ATF. Everyone at ATF is an engineer with a agile coaching approach to always provide the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. Coaching agile teams is what we do!
Simply visit our ATF website to learn more about the ATF framework, the ATF architecture and our complete list of ATF services.