Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us.

Dimitri acted as an Agile coach for a remote office that was experiencing difficulty adpating to Scrum methodology. He coached this team daily for 2 months, resulting in impressive results. The team did not want Dimitri to leave, he successfully turned around a team that had many problems into an energised autonomous team that is high functioning.
As a result of this I engaged Dimitri for a 2 day workshop with 30+ employees. These sessions were hugely productive and well received by all participants. My teams were reinvigorated, applying many concepts immediatetly after the sessions concluded. Walls between different parts of the organisation were broken down generating a dramatic change in how teams now operate between each other.
If your Agile projects are not going as well as you expect, get a coach.

Neil K. – Fiserv

Dimitri has been one of the most valuable consultants I have ever worked with. His skill as an agile coach and knowledge of various software development frameworks are the best in the industry. He also has a passion for delivering high-value and continues improvement. All of which I can say first hand he used to help tune then improve the delivery of a world class software development team.

James K. – First Solar

Dimitri was brought in to be our Agile coach and project manager for a very large and complex web development project and implementation. We were also working with a third party vendor as well, which added yet another level of complexity. He handled it all in stride, and his experience really showed as the project commenced. Simitri is an expert with Agile project management, but more importantly, is great at utilizing his experience in combination with his personality to find solutions and resolutions to challenging situations. We had some sticking points, and without Dimitri I don’t know if we would have been able to complete the project on time and on budget. I would gladly work with him again in the future.

Larry S. – Arizona Department of Transportation

As an Agile Coach, Dimitri is very hands-on and results oriented. Unlike most consultants, he actually cares about his client’s business. He is very passionate about the Lean and Agile principles and it shows. It was my pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him.

Anuya S. – ADOT

Dimitri’s knowledge and passion are inexpressible and his ability to facilitate, communicate and manage are evident. He excels at efficiency. His knowledge of Agile development and specifically, SCRUM allowed me to grow into a role in which I now love. He loves what he does and he is a tremendous coach.

David S. – Choice Hotels International

I have seen his human and intellectual qualities in action. He spreads energy around him and inspires excellence. His sense of organization and efficiency are remarkable. His management skills are truly exceptional and proven. He has repeatedly shown great ability in analyzing software and operational problems with common sense and decisiveness. Dimitri is not only a strong leader but he is a talented and a passionate leader.

Issam S., Insight

Dimitri’s knowledge and passion are inexpressible and his ability to facilitate, communicate and manage are evident. He excels at efficiency. His knowledge of Agile development and specifically, SCRUM allowed me to grow into a role in which I now love. He loves what he does and he is a tremendous coach.

David S. – Choice Hotels International

I hired Dimitri to help us with our implementation of Scrum. Dimitri provided coaching and training on Scrum to our product development and software development teams over a period of about 5 months from January through May of 2011. I really enjoyed working with Dimitri. Dimitri was both knowledgeable (as expected) and confident on Scrum. He helped coach us on our daily stand-ups as well as our sprint ceremonies and planning. We placed a number of constraints on Dimitri in terms of his schedule and he was flexible in working with us. We interviewed four different Scrum coaches and we chose Dimitri because he provided the best value for our needs. Dimitri coached two different Scrum teams through about 3 or 4 sprints each. We are now on our own using Scrum and are pleased with the results. If you have need of a Scrum coach, I recommend you consider Dimitri.

Brady B. – Apriva

My first exposure to agile was from Dimitri’s teachings. His enthusiasm and passion were contagious and the sound practices he left us with have vastly improved the organization’s delivery. Thank you Dimitri for being such a great teacher and for being so much fun to work with!

Vera W. – Choice Hotels International

It was a pleasure to work with Dimitri at First Things First. He brought a level of passion, energy and talent to our agency that was invaluable. His ability to quickly understand our business needs and then successfully implement scrum across our entire agency, lead to the success of our project. He was instrumental in the design and ongoing enhancements of our system, and provided leadership and coaching to our entire development team as well as other business units. The inefficiencies he created using agile and the results of his work continue with us today. Dimitri’s experience, expertise and results oriented nature make him an asset to any project or organization.

Nicole J. – First Things First

You won’t find a better Scrum Coach or facilitator than Dimitri. I worked with Dimitri at FTF and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Brandon K., Consultant, Straight Line

Dimitri is dynamic, funny, intelligent and fearless, exactly the qualities I’d want in an Agile Coach. Working with him improved my skills on many, many levels and I’m a better Scrum Master, and a better person, from having worked with him.

Grant M. – Choice Hotels International

He trained the entire organization in the agile process and then mentored and lead the development team in the process. Dimitri has a rare blend of passion, combined with superb business, technical and communication skills that make him a valuable asset and leader to any organization.

Mike F. – First Things First

Dimitri’s skill-set to teach, train, manage, direct and inspire ensures success.

Kristen V. – Straight Line Partners

In a matter of months our company was turned around and back on track to having a great year. When change needs to happen Dimitri is a great asset

 William S. – I-ology

Dimitri’s work at First Things First was exemplary on multiple levels. He served as the unifying force for the overall effort bringing the technical and business teams together in ways that can only be described as extraordinary. The project was managed with an attention to detail and customer satisfaction that made it a joy to attend the sprint meetings. Dimitri’s contributions and attitude went beyond professionalism to embodying real passion for success and adherence to the very best practices in project delivery.

Dan W. – Microsoft

Dimitri is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. His communication skills are excellent.

Keith M. – Insight Enterprises

His technological abilities and project management skills are admirable. Dimitri assembles the right people for the job, and supports them until the end. These qualities make Dimitri a highly effective leader respected by all.

Kenneth M. – Insight Enterprises

Dimitri’s invaluable leadership, motivation, and technical skills provided the perfect environment for growth and success. Dimitri is a great mentor and an ideal resource for career guidance. His management and organizational style is one for the masses!

Chad H. – Insight Enterprises

Dimitri is an outstanding leader, manager and thinker. He represents the ideal blend of technical, leadership and communication skills required in effective managers.

Kimberly C. – JMSI, Inc.

His positive attitude has no limits and you always know that he is working on something exciting. I learned a lot from him and admire his expert advise!

Martin W. – Insight Canada Inc – 2006