Agile Coaching

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Agile is a philosophy for delivering solutions that embraces and promotes evolutionary change throughout the life cycle of the product/project. Many teams and organizations use Agile to deliver higher-quality software in a more timely manner; ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. We specialize in Scrum, XP, Kanban and SAFe Agile methodologies. Our Agile experts can help you determine which methodologies will create the ideal Agile/Lean adoption path for your organization.

For most Agile engagements we provide both a Principal Coach and Delivery Coach to fully support implementation.

  • Principal Coach (strategic) – to assess and create your plan and keep you accountable
  • Delivery Coach (tactical) – to provide direct coaching to individuals and teams


Our typical Agile Coaching engagement includes:

  • Assessment– A complimentary coaching session with your Principal Coach to determine where you are now (point A) and where you want to be (point B).
  • Alignment – A series of sessions with targeted members of your organization to further understand the current situation and desired destination.
  • 90-Day Plan – We create a plan based on the Assessment and Alignment sessions. The plan includes a prioritized backlog of improvement opportunities.
  • Education – Agile implementations require both a top-down and bottom-up approach/support. We educate using a consistent message about what Agile is and the potential impacts to the organization.
  • Workshops – We assess your needs and deliver various workshops such as team building, visual mapping, story writing, estimation, release planning and more.
  • Coaching – We always do a weekly coaching call with the team that helped with the 90-Day Plan and will recommend additional on-site or virtual coaching as needed.
  • Support – Our engagement includes unlimited email support and/or brief occasional check-in calls with your Principal Coach.

Talk to a coach now to schedule your complimentary 90 minute coaching session.